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Concerning the whole download thing - is that even possible? I can't think of a single instance where a droid has made a copy of its memory. So I assume it's impossible, too complex etc especially since planning droids are incredibly complex, however his memory core could be salvaged. Or it could be placed in another droid or something, basically there are lots of decoy tactics he could employ.

But let's not forget G0-T0 has a HK-50 factory. And anyone who has read Darth Plagueis would know he was severely wounded by maladin assassins. So there's definitely a chance the HK's could kill him.

But seeing as the Kaggath removes some element suprise we can assume Plagueis would have his Sun Guard protecting him which remember are not bound to Sojourn, he can use them against goto and he can 'hire' more - there basically like Death Watch