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Well if level 50 PvP didn't suck balls we wouldn't have this problem.
This to some degree. The huge leap between pre-50 and 50 PvP discourages people. Mostly the casual PvPers who get disgusted at trying to grind out gear by attacking an army of (to them) unkillable monsters with various weapons forged by Gods. PvPing and having fun for the casual player not looking to grind-out their gear is almost entirely for pre-50. After that it's like running OPs with 2-3 naked people and praying the bosses drop things they need so you don't die every fight.

Unfortunately that will not change. I don't like this method, and I don't support it. I am leveling a character from 46-50 entirely from PvP for coms so when I hit 50 I have some gear to start with. So I won't completely drag down my team. And that right there is the only reason I loath 50 PvP. You either have bleeding edge gear or you don't. The skill window is narrowed to so fine a space that certain skills/trees/ACs will kill you no matter what you do. It's something that needs an address for the casual PvP community, and then you'll stop seeing the weirdo-twinks.
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