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12.04.2012 , 01:44 AM | #1
I have a lv50 sniper who has been guildless for some time. I've enjoyed PvP on the Empire side as my sniper, and I'm hoping to do some more PvP in a more organized setting. Honestly, I'm not all that good in PvP, so my goal is to learn from some of the best on the server in a friendly, helpful environment. If any PvP guilds that match this description are recruiting, I'd be happy to join and learn from you guys. I'm hoping to get good enough (and geared enough) to do some ranked as well, so a guild that does ranked often is also a plus. Character name is Thaen, you can PM me here on the forums or send me a mail/tell in game if there is a spot open.

PS. I'm also an avid fan of raiding, in almost full 61 gear in PvE.