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It was set Hadock had gathered all his men and they had all spread the word to as many people as possible. Hadock soon left Zarron behind going to a nearby spaceport with Grizz to see the new dreadnaught he had ordered built. It was an incredible ship, bristling with cannons and proton torpedo tubes, it was bigger than any Republic or Imperial ship in its class. His clans awaited him as he approached his ship all chanting the name "Mandalore!" repeatedly. He smiled stopping on an over look above the ship. My fellow Mandalorians! Today we will forge a new place in the galaxy for ourselves. After the battle is over and we are victorious we will no longer be cursed and spat upon! No after today our people shall be hailed as heroes! We shall fight alongside other forces in the galaxy not to dominate it but to preserve it! Now who shall fight with me! Hadock was responded to with resounding cheers from those below him as well from the city nearby. His men had broadcast the whole speech. Now after all these years the people had a leader they could proudly stand behind, no matter how reluctant he was to accept that title. He boarded the dreadnaught followed by his men. he walked to the bridge sitting down in his chair the crew filed in behind him taking their battle stations the ship groaned as it lifted off the ground an entire fleet following it up into orbit launching into hyperspace.

Markos trudged towards Rafeesh blocking the scrap he was using to block his attacks back towards Ravna in the cell. This is something you will never experience fool! Pure unbridled power flowing through you! He leaped for Rafeesh swinging his saber and unleashing a powerful stream of lightning from his hand. If this were his final battle he would go out in a glorious fashion.

Kregan walked into the cockpit sitting down next to Zero. Stay calm and allow me to help. she said entering into battle meditation. Hoping they would survive the Empires defenses.

Nerken sat lazily in his chair aboard the ship staring at Meanken. So. You want my help in blowing that scrapheap or what? He said smiling a faint hint of blood lust in his eyes/. He knew he couldn't go back to the Empire but now he wanted something else than to survive. He wanted to slay as many sith as he could possibly do.

Though the Republic fighters were fighting valiantly they were being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of fire produced by the space stations fully operational defenses. It was not boding well for them they would need help soon. Then just when the last few escorts started to take fire a loud resounding yell came over the entire fleets communication frequencies. For Mandalore! The Second Mandalorian battle fleet had arrived in the nick of time. Fighters swarmed from their flight decks as the Mandalorian ships formed a defensive formation around the Republic ships.
Zero moved to evade the missles, throwing up the ships sheild systems as she did "Don't worry jedi, I am calm. I have more years of experence doing this then you know. now, if you have a way around the massive ship defences, let's here it."

"You want blood, don't you? you want to make the as*holes who made you their bitc* for years suffer? I don't blame you. have at it"