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Captain Markus saw the mandalrian ship come out hyperspace, he then relised it would be bigger and harder fight than he thought. Damn thoose blasted mandalrians, why can`t they take a side and stick to it. Rather than changing their minds, all the blasted time. He then felt a little uneasy, but with his time round sabrina he new some one was trying to influnce the battle using the force.

He quickly worked out which ship, and locked on to it. He fired a volly of missiles at it, but could not stay on target as republic stunt fighters. Drove him off his prey, he manged to kill two of them when he banked sharp left the other got a shot off and hit his portside thruster. That made have to leave the main area of battle, to enact some tempory repairs. The talon fighter tried to follow, but was shot down by station auto turrets.

When the firedancer was out of range, couple astro droids began work on the thruster. It would not take long for them, to lock it down.