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@ Thread Starter What is this.... I don't even...

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"i do....damage...i get....mvp votes...i win..PUGs"....THIS only further proves how terrible you are.

But the main reason for me still stands, (and im a jugg..have been since pre lauch)..anyone saying SMASH REQUIRES SKILL is a cluless pvp player that found a spec where they can "shine" so they like to feed this illusion that they are actually skilled..

im not sayign smash spec CANT be played in a SKILLED saying SMASH requires NO SKILL to be played and still can backpadel click and tunnel vision an entire game , using only the 4 main abilities AND STILL get 300k damage.....ITS EASY TO PLAY SMASH...REALLLLY EASY.....all you have to do is get 4 stacks..leap..smash..rinse repeat..

its boring..unskiled.ANY good player will tell you that..

wake up, you ar ebeing carried by an easy spec..spec vengence and do 500k damage...or achieve as much as any smash in your wz and you will see the dif in sklill required.. time use REAL Qualifications to show how GOOD you are...not the normal warzone garbage, that prooves zero, its like special ratings..
^^---<---- This guy gets it. I play both a Focus Sentinel and Guardian, neither my main yet I manage to roll through hordes of any non FOTM class. They are by no stretch of the imagination hard to play and require a minimal amount of skill to excel. Half the skills the thread starter mentions are superfluous and not crucial to the success of the spec, they only further push the spec to lolworthy proportions.