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For example, if you are trying to overload/knockback a few people, but you need only a meter or two of room -- you can turn 180, make a couple of steps, turn another 180 and hope they are still where they were when you wanted to overload... or you could backpedal a step or two and knock back everyone and save a split second doing so.

In the end, learn to mouse turn, but pay no attention to an elitist rant that deals in absolutes. Do whatever makes you win.
hmm..if you use you mouse to isntantly turn back..move..then jump+instant turn to ur target and knockback..that will be faster and more efficient than backpadeling

the thig is..people that ahve backpadle key bound tend to use it alot...some will actualy "runaway" from you backpadeling...i see sorcs using forcespeed while backpadeling..

basicaly, if its bad 99% of the time..then dont use it aat all..

Though i still consider keyboard turning and clicking abilities even worse..