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I've gone through 2 pages of Invinc's logs and his kill logs are generally, at the high end,1600-1650 DPS. With a low range average of 1300ish. So...right where I said?
Hmmm he doesnt have that many logs up, and all of them are of actual OP fights where you have down time. Look at the general average of classes on those fights and you will see his parses being about average with everyone else's... some are in the top 50 some are not.

Very rarely will you see a person break 2k on a OP fight unless they are ignoring some mechanics of the fight (some fights will allow one or two dps to stand and burn while others are killing adds, and things of that sort), or a fight where you see a large amount of aoe, and or a fight where you damage buffs.

From what i have seen, OPs lethality spec is very gear dependent and scales very well with higher end gear.... it takes alot of practice to play well and to get around the lack of a gap closer... but overall isnt teribad in the way that most people proclaim it to be,
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