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12.04.2012 , 12:06 AM | #26
I play only empire now, but I have a lv. 50 sage. Most players end up having toons on both sides anyways and there is quite a lot of switching back and forth as you find a group that you can mesh with well. In the end you will stay for the friends and guild quality and I think there are good on both sides, specially for endgame PvE content.

For PvP, I agree with the previous post. I'll give you my take since I am a casual player that does dailies and that is it. I do not have war hero gear because I started pvping a few weeks ago literally and I have gotten used to loosing most of the time. The gear and skill disparity is discouraging. Its also hard to enlist guildmembers to pvp because they just got burned by a bad string of losses. I still regularly pvp.. its just a minority of my game time. When I do win though.. I can tell you I worked harder than most and nobody carried me through. There is a sense of accomplishment in that and I keep coming back to pvp precisely for that feeling. Pvp all the time w/ the best against unorganized groups must feel like doing story mode flashpoints all the time in campaign gear: Boring! I wish there was a way to balance the scales because I think the way things stand its not fun for everyone. Yes faceroll newcomers might feel good.. but in the end, its not as fun or challenging as it could be. I am sad to point others towards pub since I only play imperial side, there is a cool bunch over here... just be ready to have challenging pvp all the time...