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Ravvok's twin-blade lightsaber spun as he cut down Imperial troops. His robes had collected dust, burns, and tearing as he led his men through the streets. Ravvok and his platoon had been stranded in the labrynth of streets ever since the Imperials shot down the dropship during arrival. He needed to find some help, someone who could assist him and his platoon. Ravvok sat down and meditated after the troops took over an empty warehouse. He wished his master had survived the crash, as he could use some guidance at the moment. One of his men came into the office, which Ravvok was using as a meditation chamber. Sir, scouts have found a sanctuary ran by a Jedi master. It isn't too far from here. Shall we pack up and begin moving? the trooper asked. Not yet. The troops need a break before we move. We'll spend the night here and venture to the sanctuary in the morning Ravvok said. The trooper nodded and left the room, leaving Ravvok to continue meditating.
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