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People in the know say it is easy for a few reasons. One is it takes little skill to do pretty well on it in most situations if you are geared. Also, if you are in a premade the class is EXTREMELY easy to play as your defensive cds are strong and should give your healer time to heal you and you time to get out of the fire. Another reason is that it is a pretty strong class in wz type group 1v1s (by this I mean someone attacks you and the fight is basically a 1v1 but it is not a duel out in the middle of nowhere either). Having leaps on a short cd make the class very escape friendly as well.

If you put these together then you can see that it requires very little awareness to play at a decently high lvl once geared. Now people in the know say it has an extremely low softcap for skill not hardcap. The soft skillcap is what I have talked about.

If you pug a sent/mara you can do drastically better than someone who is only playing at the softcap. Of course here if you have a ph then the class is still omg easy.

Also, you show your lack of skill with how you talk about vguard/ptech. In a premade vguard/ptech is laughably easy just like sent/guard, however in a pug environment with a team that is near even to your team or better then vguard is actually a class that very very few ppl can play well. Most will just spread their dots and occasionally taunt but still the wrong person. It requires being in the sweet spot, never being a tab target, taunting properly, and bursting ppl down at the right time. Sure you can spread dots and have high chart numbers but this means nothing.