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wow! its happened twice and you're threatening to game quit?!

well, as they say, each to his own but to provide some perspective on how unstable the infrastructure is for this game - I have been consistently subbed with this game since launch (for that kind of loyalty despite how bugged and frustrating this game's tech issues are, I think I deserve something a whole lot more than some lame-arse in-game fireworks but I digress) and in that time CTD, freezing while loading, freezing while gaming, a month of invisible rakghouls while on Taris, broken class quest dialogues, are just a few of the issues Ive had to contend with. I remain subbed coz I love the franchise more than some members of my family and I have learned that tech issues while frustrating are part and parcel of the initial teething issues of a mmorpg.

Having said that the technical infrastructure for this game, even after a whole year, leaves a lot to be desired! I experience CTD several times at various stages during any single period of gaming. It happens so often with me and my guild mates that these days, the Ops team (if we happen to be doing Ops), just hangs back and waits for the affected player to log back in while they amuse themselves with party jawas or showing off the several speeders and blasters they have collected over time.

It is frustrating and intolerable but I remain in hope that they will sort these issues out sooner than later because undoubtedly they stand to lose less tolerant players like yourself despite this unfortunate switch to F2P.

*stepping down from soap-box now
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