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Rafeesh pulled the lightning in and put it right in front of him. It was also in the direct path of Markos. He pushed the lightning back aiming it back at Markos. He could feel Markos' emotions, as Rafeesh moved away from Markos, he dropping the crates. He began plating seeds of doubt in Markos' mind knowing that it could make him fight harder. You don't understand, when you get me angry that is all I am.

Good to see you Mandalorians! Never thought I would say that, but there you go! Graal yelled over the com. He turned to Mal. Your reinforcements nearly ready?

The Republic began attacking with renewed effort, taking more gambits. Taking more risks, flying faster, their moral was soaring. While the second part of the Reviver's fleet had arrived. At first they were in a horrible position, but after a bit of quick commands, they began getting into the right area. Launching their own fighters and missiles.
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