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I am one of those rare tanks in pvp that uses full pvp tank gear. I have over 27k HP, and I have been told that I am a ***** to kill. I don't do DPS, my job is to AOE taunt on cooldown, guard the healers, and annoy the crap out of the other team, to make them focus on me and not the rest of the team. I am an Assassin tank FYI.

Of course, my role changes based on the WZ we are in... in Huttball I am the ball carrier typically. In CW and Coast I usually solo guard a turret/bunker, and in VS I guard the heals and annoy the other team.

Maybe when 1.6 hits i'll pick up a DPS set of cheap WH stuff.
Unless I am busy guarding you ha!

But ya, tanks job is to do your best to tie up the other team , snares, stuns, pushes, taunts. Remember if there is 3 beating on you that means your team out numbers them somewhere else.