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12.03.2012 , 10:30 PM | #32
Steely Resolve should only be used as a bolster for PVE damage mechanics. You should still always stack secondary stats heavier than primary stats, as any DPS. Having the 9% increase to total Aim only helps give that little extra, since it is used in place of TD builds (which burst is not necessary for pve). Like I said, no DPS PT should ever be stacking Aim.
Your logic is still flawed concerning the value of stats and the increase to dps they provide, which includes both the individual contribution of a stat and its relation to other stats. To put it in a somewhat simple example, I'll consider just aim, power, and crit, with base values of 2000, 1000, and 200 respectively. I won't include steely resolve, but you should have the sorc buff at all times, yielding a total of 2100 aim. With these stat values we get 650 bonus damage and 25.83% crit chance (including just the baseline of 5%, no talents or anything).

Now say, as you suggest, that I stack more for power, so I arbitrarily move over 1000 points of aim to power. Note that in actuality, aim does not come in a 1 to 1 ratio with respect to power, except in augments, which is basically the main point of the argument, as we do not have much control over aim vs. power in anything but augments (if modding appropriately). This example is just to illustrate a point. After switching, I now have 1050 total aim, 2000 power, and 200 crit rating. From here we have two options, to leave as is, or normalize to the crit chance obtained in the first set. Leaving as is produces:
670 bonus damage and 20.23% crit chance.

My guess would be that 5% crit chance is worth much more dps wise than 20 bonus damage, but that may be up for debate. To make it simpler, I will normalize crit chance to the previous 25.83% by taking out power. This gives 1050 aim, 1760 power, and about 390 crit rating for only 614 bonus damage and 25.83% crit. I could take out aim instead of power, but then I would be losing a large amount of crit chance from aim and end up with: 720 aim, 2000 power, and 480 crit rating, for an even lower bonus damage value of 604.

As a result, aim is always more valuable than power unless optimal dps was achieved by running with 0 crit rating. For any quantity n of power you would prioritize over aim, you can make up the bonus damage difference with surplus by putting n+x into aim where x is the amount of aim equal to the value of crit rating needed to produce the same cumulative crit chance. In other words, n+x in aim produces better stats than the combination of n in power and x in crit rating.