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I think CE owners need to realize the game obviously did not live up to expectations, and EA drastically cut resources for SWTOR. The miniscule portion of the player base that purchased the CE that are still subscribed simply don't matter enough to devote resources to.
That is it in a nutshell. Hell I only ever chimed in on this thread because someone was blabbing how CE feel they are entitled to blah blah blah. My point was only ever most of us do not feel entitled to jack for free. The CE Vendor was promoted as something that has not (up to this date) turned out to be. It would cost nothing (other than a few heated threads) to announce "sorry we do not have the time/man power/ Money to support that promise now, so we are deleting it". but it seems according to someone they have claimed to plan on making an announcement in Jan.... that is better than Soon™ I suppose.
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Yeah my eyes bugged out when I saw how many servers there are. Hopefully the population doesn't get spread too thin.