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And we saw. We did. We saw "a dynamic assortment of items" (and the assortment is not dynamic in any way...).

The only hate they can generate is from CE owners - we did not get what we paid for. Vendor was advertised to have updates. Period.

When you're buying something and the said contents of the packaging are missing then you usually go and ask for a refund...
Based on your signature, you can buy anything introduced into the game on the GTN, much of which will be from the cartel shop.

I think CE owners need to realize the game obviously did not live up to expectations, and EA drastically cut resources for SWTOR. The miniscule portion of the player base that purchased the CE that are still subscribed simply don't matter enough to devote resources to.

If you feel ripped off, don't support EA products, including SWTOR.

Personally, I think you got what you paid for in the box, which was then made available for $20 or sometimes less over the summer. That should clearly indicate to you what to expect going forward.