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Quote: Originally Posted by Andryah View Post
Define "regular".

Does your definition match Biowares?

Show me the contract language please that reconciles your definition with theirs.

Bioware "regular" could very well be less often then "soon" for all we know.

See where I am going with this?
Call it what you like they have not met the expectations of many CE owners. Does it surprise me? not really BW has dropped the ball on a great many things and the CE vendor is very low on my list, but it is STILL another let down.

I am also aware with the cash shoip being brought in the CE vendor will likely be dropped completely. I suppose one could argue they did update it when they took one speeder off and added another.... Still not meeting the general feel of "regular" though

For the record, "regular" is way quicker than "soon" in dev speak!
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Yeah my eyes bugged out when I saw how many servers there are. Hopefully the population doesn't get spread too thin.