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I have some questions for you troll. Why are you still here? Seriously. Are you a mental patient? It is obvious you hate SWTOR, yet you are still here. Does the fact that others enjoy this game bother you?
Actually, he's just feeling kind of jaded since the patch that put an arrow in his knee (see his sig).

Not that Urael needs anyone defending him.... but he's not a troll... I've been forum conversing with him for a long time now. He's just feeling cynical about the game right now (a lot of people have been there at one time or another).
Negativity achieves nothing positive or productive. It's hostile and it reveals a persons true character. It's a useless and miserable way to spend one's time, IMO ... but some people like being miserable I guess. This is true in real life and it is true inside MMOs.