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12.03.2012 , 09:55 PM | #119
Hello! We have seen some of the negative feedback of the fireworks and decided to chime in some. In addition to the year anniversary of the games firework sets you will receive countless boxes of tissues to wipe away your endless QQ tears that can't seem to break from your rather dismal souls. On top of that it even gets better! We are currently hiring staff to wipe your butt and feed you WHILE you play! The utmost honorable TOR TISSUES are on their way! But wait! THERES MORE!

In addition to the tissues and servants for playing our game we will award those who are founders or have been subscribed since the beginning giant, juicy, delicious TOR steaks! No games...these are genuine grade A meat 4 inch thick steaks. Enjoy them anywhere you want! *while playing TOR of course* These steaks will be shipped to your house at no cost to you!

But wait...there's even more. Subscribe NOW and get your fabulous xp handed to you on silver platters! Let me make myself clear a little more. If you subscribe right now, limited time offer, you will get silver platter xp! This means a 60 percent boost, no make that a 75 percent boost to your whole account and you can turn it on and off when you want and it never ever expires!! Thank you for being a part of our game and we can't wait to see you all there! May the force be with you!

Limited time only! Call now 1-800-TOR-TISSUE that's 1-800-TOR-TISSUE more time that's 1-800-TOR-TISSUE!

Would you have all prefered that?
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