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Please stop. You either are a troll and have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, or your skill is terrible and you need to L2P.

Here's my perspective. My guardian is my third level 50 alt (I have a level 50 sage and a level 50 sniper). I can confidently say that smash spec requires higher skill level compared to dps sages/snipers. And I've played sage balance, sage hybrid, sniper mm, and sniper lethality. The MINIMUM set of attack abilities that any competent jugg/guardian focus/rage dps need to have are: force leap, zealous leap, guardian leap, combat focus, force crush, force stasis, force push, force sweep, saber throw, blade storm, and dispatch (so a total of 11 abilities not counting defensive CDs and awe/taunt/aoe taunt - any competent jugg/guardians should be using these even if they are dps).

In comparison, my sage only needs 6 attack abilities(mind crush, force in balance, sever force, telekinetic throw, weaken mind, and project). My leth sniper only needs 9 abilities (corrosive dart, corrosive grenade, weakening blast, cull, series of shots, ambush, takedown, orbital strike, and frag grenade). Both of those specs require fewer attack abilities compared to a rage jugg/focus guardian and are much easier to play. The only way someone can end up using just four buttons on a jugg/guardian DPS and still winning WZs is when you end up playing clueless undergeared pugs.

And by the way, I'm just a casual pvp'er, but all three of my alts have a mix of BM/WH gear (just 2-4 pieces of BM mostly). I routinely hit 300K+ damage on any of my three alts and win 60-70% of the matches that I participated as a pug'er and receive on average at least 1 mvp vote per match. The only spec that I've found boring to play so far .. is pt/assault vanguard.
ROFLMBO @ takes skill to play, sorry but you will get no sympathy for that argument from the community.
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