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I was promised regular updates to that vendor so I am not asking for anything other than what was promised to me.

Stop speaking for me as well, I am an STO lifer and I am VERY unhappy with how PW and cryptic have handled things. It is no where near the game that was promised and not even close to the game it was at release. Hell even with the bugs at launch the release version was a more enjoyable game.
I already replied to his post and we agreed on a few things. I love people who say " stop speaking for me." I already covered that. I will say though" Promised to me" What are you the only one Bioware promised things to? I remember getting that as well. The fact of the matter is this regular updates can be a week a month every 3 months or a year and they can just give us a single item and call it a day.

For STO that is for the STO forums some lifers cared others meh. The CE store will get an update or at least they will be talking about it soon enough. enjoy
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