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Cross-post from SFC thread.
Subtle Shift

There was no defining the moment when things clicked back into place. Perhaps it was inevitable that things would come together. Perhaps there was effort involved. Perhaps it was both. The good Captain chose not to question it. They were finally in sync again after so long, no point in fussing over the tiny details.

“Hey, Captain Cowlick, Ald fixed dinner,” Vette announced over the com on the bridge.

He rolled his eyes and pressed a button to reply. “Thank you, Vette,” he said stiffly. “I will be there momentarily.”

The link clicked off. He finished up a few last minute calculations and sent off three missives. His duty completed for now, he headed to the conference room for dinner.

Ald was sitting at the head of the table. Vette sat closest to him then Pierce and Jaesa. Broonmark rounded up the other end of the table leaving Quinn three seats to choose from. Well, one seat. It seems his food was already served – how like Ald to serve his guests – and waiting for him across from Vette. He nodded politely to those gathered at the table as he took his seat. Pierce struck up a conversation about their last operation. It had been rather hairy. Three Jedi Masters and their Padawans versus the Wrath, his Apprentice, a very angry ball of murder with a sword, a wily dual-wielding Twi’lek, a bomb happy giant, and a medic with a deadly shot. Outnumbered and out-Forced, they first took care of the Padawans. Two of them went down rather easily with a few well-placed shots and concussive grenades. The last one was obviously close to becoming a full-fledged Knight. With Ald, Jaesa, and Broonmark busy fighting the three Masters, it was left to Vette, Quinn, and Pierce to take care of the last Padawan.

“That one went down hard, yeah?” Pierce grumbled between bites.

“Yeah he did,” Vette agreed. She took a long swig from her glass. “He deflected that grenade late on purpose, too.”

“Jedi are jerks,” Pierce chuckled.

“Nearly took a grenade to the face, but thanks to the good Captain here,” Vette gestured with her fork toward Quinn, “I made it out alive.”

“I was doing my duty,” Quinn said stiffly.

“Yeah, well, my booty thanks you for doing your duty,” Vette said with a grin.

Quinn nodded and returned his attention back to his meal. He was never one for conversation over meals. One would starve in the military if they stopped to chat. Vette tsked, but turned her attention elsewhere. He wasn’t sure when it happened or even why, but he decided not to sweat the small details. They were finally back in sync after the fallout and that meant she and Ald were on speaking terms again. And that thought pleased him more than anything else.
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