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12.03.2012 , 08:56 PM | #36
more FPs like black talon. and really.. more FPs period.

make the maps more contested. i rarely see the opposite faction as i quest. since the game launched i can literally count on my hands how many times ive seen the opposite faction (ive seen maybe 4 players).

design operations more like black talon/esseles. the strength of TOR is the story. it should be a bigger part of the end game.

put a bit of a story into the space missions. again, the more you put your best feature into the game.. the more people will want to play it.

pazaak. imagine what this could do for the cartel market. you could easily create a viable F2P TCG within TOR if you guys wanted to. just take a look at games like shadow era and other similar systems.

more companion customizations.
McSidious: Gotta go with uno pistola for myself. Remember that Han Solo saved Lando, killed Boba Fett and escaped the sarlaac with only one pistol... and he was BLIND. Give a smuggler two pistols and eyesight and I'm fairly certain they would solo the Death Star while hitting on your sister and balancing the federal budget.. CE VIP