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12.03.2012 , 08:07 PM | #19
I think GO-TO wins 1v1. Here's why it's important:

I don't see a way Plagueis could kill GO-TO other than a personal duel.

However, GO-TO can still kill Plagueis without a 1v1. Remember HK-50 assassin droids? Yeah, they're pretty great. For sure against Plagueis. Once again, he cannot sense these droids through the Force. He also has a lack of precognitive abilities, that basically make it so that he can't have any of that "Spidey-sense" Force stuff.

Basically, there's nothing stopping a HK-50 from blasting his tall head off with a sniper rifle.

Of course, we return to the question: How will GO-TO find him? For this, I really don't have an answer. However, finding GO-TO will be even harder for Plagueis (*Cough* Stealthed Ship *Cough*). And once Plagueis does find him, the lack of worthy assassins means Plagueis would have to go to GO-TO himself.... ending in his doom.