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12.03.2012 , 07:50 PM | #110
Thank you! For our first year anniversary I decided that i would not only spend money for a six month subscription, but play you! Such a thoughtful gift ....fireworks....its the thought that counts right? well maybe I'll just let my sub run out and play you for free? after all your CLEARLY putting in endless effort into our relationship.
Maybe just to blow some steam, I'll do and cheat on you with sto.....which as I have always maintained is only a shiny cheap FB app..... but at least with it's hundred day veteran rewards I feel somewhat more loved...than with you...
You better have something else - I love the fact that your whole "year" of ready content is an utter crap....well in the near future I just might leave....or in the coming weeks i'll give you a few more details about how or if I'll pay for my subscription.
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