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Most of my targets are full WH geared with 18-20k HP (depending on how many datacrons they picked up). There are some in there that are BM/WH and you can tell who they are if I crit them for over 4k. My crits on equally geared players are 3-3.5k (give or take a few). Most of the warriors in my vid I did not crit for over 3.5k without the WZ buff.

As for not being able to solo the classes I mentioned... Those are the counter classes for Commando. No matter how good you are, they will always win 99% of the time, simply because they can counter everything you try to do. I don't QQ about, I live with it. Well, I QQ about sins cause they piss me off.
Nothing can take away from the fact that the Commando/Mercenary class is nothing short of dysfunctional and weak in high end, competitive PvP, it offers nothing for Ranked Play and is a wasted spot. Nothing can take away from the fact that you are obviously a competent player, I commend you for this but please realize the fact that you are playing against less than the best and most experienced players. The vast majority of the opponents you play in your videos can clearly be evaluated as less than the greatest of their respective classes, observed by their poor use of cooldowns, Line of Sight, tools and or situation, you on the other hand can be seen as the top 5% of your class(Mando). As many others have said, "I can roll poorly skilled or even moderately skilled opponents of any class, even the FOTMs, it is the competent, experienced and smart players of pretty much any other class that are not a Mando/Merc that counters the Mando/Merc class." This statement could not be more true, I rarely if ever lose 1v1 matches in PUG play, but the second almost any competent, skilled, and experienced player with a class other than a Mando/Merc focuses me, there is very little I can do to out play them, the class just does not have the tools nor ability to go the distance. The same is true when I play my Jedi Shadow, Powertech, Operative, Sentinel, Gunslinger, Guardian and, Sorceror, when I play any of those classes I have absolutely no trouble with Mandos/Mercs and roll them with ease, even the best on our server, they just don't have the tools.

The class needs, no demands adequate reconstruction, it currently has no place in competitive, Ranked play and is nothing short a wasted spot. Put the same competent Mando/Merc player behind a properly structured class and that player will poop rainbows and sunshine, leave him on the Mando/Merc and all you will get is a lump of coal, no matter how much you polish it, it will still be a lump of coal.