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12.03.2012 , 07:46 PM | #18
You know, this really is gonna be a lot closer then I thought....

I think that this will be the longest and most drawn-out battle to date. The biggest thing here for both G0-T0 and Plagueis is patience.

I feel that Plagueis dosn't really have a power base to begin with (granted he can soon get one), so this is gonna be... different.

Before I really get into this: can G0-T) download himself into several things? If so, it's gonna be nearly impossible for Plagueis to win. Just saying.

OK so here goes. Strength in numbers here is pretty much unimportant, so no advantage here for G0-T0. This will be purely a battle of wits. If I'm either one of these guys then here's what I'm gonna do:
I'm gonna spend YEARS doing a bunch of stuff to throw the enemy off of my game. What I mean is that I'll spend time doing a bunch of bullcrap plans that end up getting seen by the enemy. I do this until the enemy thinks he knows me. Then I engage in legit plans to assassinate the enemy. This wins it here. I think it is gonna come down to how capable these opponents are of killing eachother. G0-T0, being a stealthy robot, is gonna be impossible to detect through the force, while Plagueis is gonna be nearly impossible to detect.

G0-T0 WINS!! Here's why: remember how Sidious was killed? He was backstabbed. He never saw it coming. This prooves that these Sith aren't invincible to deception. For this reason, G0-T0 wins. Thoughts?