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No you're wrong. I'm still enjoying the same things about this game that I enjoyed at launch. BioWare Austin has lost 100% of its passion since the layoffs and restructuring. It shows in the quality of the marketing videos they've released, it shows in this stupid fireworks announcement, it even shows in their body language on the Q&A livestreams. The people at BioWare Austin that had passion for this game are gone, fired or fled, and what we have left are professional MMO babysitters who think typical MMO things like fireworks are "good enough".
I agree completely.

However, those guys who had passion for the game are the ones responsible for SWTOR losing over 1 million subscribers during the first 6 months after launch because they refused to listen to people who tried to tell them what was wrong with their faux MMO.

At least the current dev team seems to understand that they need to listen to the subscribers and give them what they want. It's just unfortunate that their current rate of updates makes it appear that they've been cut down to a skeleton crew who'll be unable to put out content updates in a reasonable time frame.

Like you I'm still enjoying the game, but it lacks sandbox content and replayability. So in a few months, once I've gotten a few more characters to 50 and seen all the stories, I'll allow my sub to expire and I probably won't come back. Basically what the majority did 9 months ago. It just took me a little longer to get there.

As for the people complaining about the free fireworks... well, that's just typical of the 'ME' generation. Those people feel the world owes them something just cause they were born. Eventually they'll grow up and then they'll be in for a heck of a surprise.
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