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This is another valid senario, but even with his lack of awareness, I doubt Plaguies would fall into a trap.... but then again, you never know. I think poison, as it was the first time, will be the Dark Lord's downfall. GO-TO and his group of assassins are no strangers to toxins, so it is very possible GO-TO will just poison the alien, the air, or the food/drink.... if he can find Plagueis.
Very true, very true. It is a game of shadows, a hard game to win. I think the key is for one to eliminate the others army, or followers. You may not find the enemy, but the enemy will not stand aside and let his forces be killed. Either of the "contestants" if I may, will be searching for one another, so whoever decides to gun down the others forces first, has the upper hand.
I think G0-T0 may decide this first, and has a bit of an upper hand with the fact that the Sun Guard has a good chance of being out of the way. I'm not sure about Plageuis' other forces, but G0-T0 does have his entire droid army. Would Plagueis have Palpitine, because if he does, the fight may swing toward Plageuis. At the same time, G0-T0 could convince him to strike down his master earlier.

EDIT: Just checked, it said Plagueis doesn't have Darth Sideous, but does that mean he doesn't have his apprentice, or Palpitine is out?
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