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No you're wrong. I'm still enjoying the same things about this game that I enjoyed at launch. BioWare Austin has lost 100% of its passion since the layoffs and restructuring. It shows in the quality of the marketing videos they've released, it shows in this stupid fireworks announcement, it even shows in their body language on the Q&A livestreams. The people at BioWare Austin that had passion for this game are gone, fired or fled, and what we have left are professional MMO babysitters who think typical MMO things like fireworks are "good enough".
Well, if people hadn't complained over stuff that wasn't in this game like that other game, actually stuck with it, like I did, and went slowly to, oh I don't know, actually ENJOY it and not complain about stupid crap (except the bugs of course), maybe they wouldn't have lost their enthusiasm. I know if I constantly had people complaining at me, I wouldn't care if they told me they needed a new kidney suddenly. I'd go 'meh' and let them croak.
Where are the rest of my love interests/spouses, Bioware?

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