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The simple answer is they have said that there are SGRAs coming in the future, and it could be on Makeb. Plus, I think it would be better to be surprised, don't you? I don't usually finish stories to which I already know the ending.
I think this is an interesting part. For me the thing also is that, okay I expect that they're not rewriting the existing companions, but I've no way to be sure of that either. And really, is it so much to ask to get a normal play through like everyone else? If we have to reroll a class just to have the SGR, all the other story is basically spoiled. And that comes down to "finishing stories to which I already know the ending". Or you sit your toon down in a rest area and do nothing.

And I don't agree with his opinions at all. I think it's very unreasonable for them to expect us to wait in silence. Moreover I've said this before, they can answer pretty much every other question of things that come in the future, or as it turns out now, in the long future. And sure they don't do that every month. But it has happened more than once a year, and that's where we're at. (I'm not sure what to think about the Guild Summit "this year" remark, and even if that could be considered official word, that's 9 months ago)

And then there is the matter that I simply don't agree with folks who say this is a simple feature that should just queue up behind the guild ships, the legacy banks, the hood toggles, the never ending unsatisfactory pvp endgame, etc etc. This is a matter of inclusiveness that even BW treats like Human Rights when they can make a good show with it. But when it's inconvenient they dismiss. I find serious fault with BW Austin excluding us from the very beginning, even though they had ample opportunity to take notice on the old forums, they had so many chances over the years to be inclusive or straight out tell us that they were scared (coz honestly, the time and money thing is a large load of bull). They didn't do that.

I don't see why they cannot give us some straight answers. And I'm done hoping and making excuses for them. I want to know what's up, because I don't have faith in the integrity of this team, not when it comes to being inclusive, they cheated us.
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