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I'm inclined to agree with Slaign. While I am angry about the total stonewalling silence, I do think that it is still possible that they are still working on same sex. Bioware has story guys on the payroll, and the patches have barely included any story stuff for a year now. What have they been working on? Surely there must be something on the way. I just don't understand why they try to completely silence the issue.
That's my sticking point. If they would only have the courage to say, "Yep, it's coming with Makeb. No ETA on Makeb," then I'd be more than happy. They've talked so much about upcoming content that this omission is very glaring.

The whole, "They are afraid of the backlash," idea is gotten utterly and completely stupid. Not the people that say that (no insults meant to the people in the thread!) but EAware's silence seems to be based on that idea.

I don't want spoilers, at this point I don't even care who it is. I just wish they would say something, not ignore the issue or laugh at us.

And yes, I feel like we are being laughed at.

Time for another pain pill. It's been over 24 hours and mouth pain makes me rather grumpy.

Keep emailing folks! We'll get the word out to whomever gives a damn.

I'm going to retreat for a bit. I'm way too angry right now to remain reasonable and infraction free.

Got the PM, btw. All I'll say to that is ***BIG HUGS*** for Tatile and Amnie.