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Most of my targets are full WH geared with 18-20k HP (depending on how many datacrons they picked up). There are some in there that are BM/WH and you can tell who they are if I crit them for over 4k. My crits on equally geared players are 3-3.5k (give or take a few). Most of the warriors in my vid I did not crit for over 3.5k without the WZ buff.

As for not being able to solo the classes I mentioned... Those are the counter classes for Commando. No matter how good you are, they will always win 99% of the time, simply because they can counter everything you try to do. I don't QQ about, I live with it. Well, I QQ about sins cause they piss me off.
Okay what I am wondering is why/how aren't any of the jedi knights/sith warriors that you are facing not using their force slow on you? Every Jedi Knight I come across leaps, slows, master strike, and after that I am half way dead. And 90% of the time they resist my knock back, and if I shield the slow they just reslow me. I see the sins and shades having you slowed in some of the fights. Hardly though are you ever force slowed. Just curious why that is.