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Oh and on the contact Massively thing. Read the comments on the Hall Hood "interview" on Massively. There are tons of "why no SGRAs?" and "why didn't Larry ask about SGRAs".

Larry (aka Shaddoe) replied:
I am interested in same-gender romance arcs, but I'm more interested in a continuation of the story personal story, in general. And since we've not seen -any- continuation of personal story since the game launched, I figured I'd ask a question about that instead of getting the same "We're working on it answer."

Hall took time out of his schedule to answer these questions; I appreciate his doing that. I don't want to waste his time asking questions he can't answer or expound upon.

The simple answer is they have said that there are SGRAs coming in the future, and it could be on Makeb. Plus, I think it would be better to be surprised, don't you? I don't usually finish stories to which I already know the ending.
When Stephen Reid was CM, he stated that they were currently writing L/G content. We have not seen ay newly written content since that statement was made. (Everything we've seen up to this point was plotted, if not fully written, prior to launch.) And understandably, BioWare does not confront issues which have been addressed multiple times.

I believe you are trying to see a conspiracy where there is none.

On a personal note, I'm looking forward to SGRAs because I would like to my character to be able to play out the story closer to how I envisioned it. And I promise to let Massively readers know as soon as I have any information regarding further information on the subject
So not sure contacting him will do much good, considering how utter silence and different treatment equates to us being conspiracy theorists.

And considering how SGRA people get treated by the trolls during The Republic show (nothing done to the rude nasty filthy mouthed ones at all, not even a time out a twitch chat thing that prevents them from posting in chat for a little while), Gamebreaker may not lend a sympathetic ear either.

That why I quit watching that show, no chat moderation at all...unless it is someone being rude to a host. That will not stand!