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Nope its not. Well if you look at both the

Dynamic-class freighter and the YT-1300 light freighter(standard models of the ships), you'll see the YT-1300 is able to carry more passangers, and more cargo and ontop of the it also has a backup hyperdrive which compared to the Dynamic freighters do not.

Also while the Dyanmic frighters need 2 pilots, the YT-1300 can run with just 1 pilot, the YT-1300 also has a better hyperdrive standard then the Dynamic freighters.

Now if you compare the Hawk to the Falcon, the Falcon has had far more extensive modifications making it the superior ship.

For that time in the Kotor era, yes it was a fantastic ship. But the Dynamic class freighter wasn't the best ever built, and the Hawk wasn't the best modified compared to the YT-1300 and The Falcon.
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