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Next Tuesday (December 11) starting at 5pm PST, <Elysium> is hosting an event where we'll group up and work on getting the HK-51 companion. Most of us have already obtained it on at least one character, and now that the initial crowds are over the quest can be tricky to complete. That's where this event comes in: together, we'll meet up on Belsavis and begin the questline. By the end of the night we should be able to collect all of the components thanks to our joint search efforts, and hopefully there will even be time to run at least one if not both flashpoints for the final pieces.

If you are interested in joining us, please prepare by doing the following:
--Get an idea of what to expect by reading this guide.
--Have a level 50 Republic toon that you want to obtain the companion with.
--Have an Imperial character who has at least finished Dromund Kaas so that you can get the component there.
--Have at least 125k credits on your Republic character so that you can purchase the necessary component/scanner on Tatooine.
--Be awesome. We plan to have a good time with this

I'll be leading the event on my Shadow, Sombr'a, if you'd like to know who to keep an eye out for. Feel free to message me with any questions you may have, let me know if we can expect you, and we'll see you next week!
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