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Sorry, a little hyped over chocolate and tiredness. Just wanted to grab the rocks and run with them.

It doesn't feel like Hall Hood is trying to make any friends, though. It's almost as if he's totally ignorant of the utter uselessness of the Story and Lore board or he just doesn't give a sh*t about us in here. Now, neither of those may be at all relevant to Hall Hood's actual position, but he brushed off the fact that Slaign wants to voice concerns to him directly. He didn't even acknowledge that that was part of the question.
MMM chocolate. Honestly, he said exactly what I would have expected him to say and what he should have said. HE can't really open himself up for that kind of attention on Twitter no less. The fact that the forums are useless for us on this issue isn't his fault and he likely isn't even aware of how useless it is.