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Except he knows that no one at Bioware reads the Story and Lore boards, let alone comes here looking for story feedback. So in that regard, Natashina has a point.

Edit: No, no, Natashina, you have it all wrong. Hall Hood was sending us outside to play with rocks, while his special PvP and PvE children got their Xbox 720's and KFC bargain buckets.
Even if it's true that BioWare doesn't read the forums (which I personally doubt but lets not argue the point) he can hardly be expected to personally field feedback from any and every fan that contacts him. Not only would that be potentially overwhelming, I'm sure it's against policy. I was hoping that he receives tweets directly from fans infrequently enough that he'd be interested in hearing from me, but I wasn't under the idea that he was obligated to do so.

Honestly, the initial tweet from me was more hoping for any reply just to confirm he reads them. In that way, I was happy he responded at all. I mean, imagine if he had tweeted back at me with an email address or something, how much that would open him up to anyone who wants to grill him about SWTOR story? Not exactly fair to expect.

I'm not defending BioWare's policy, I'm just saying don't read insult into something where it may not exist. If he really wanted to brush me off, it would be much simpler to just ignore me.