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Edit: No, no, Natashina, you have it all wrong. Hall Hood was sending us outside to play with rocks, while his special PvP and PvE children got their Xbox 720's and KFC bargain buckets.
Hal Hood is the head story guy right? Lets not be too harsh on Hal then. He (likely) isn't the one that ultimately gets to decide what he does and doesn't write about nor what he is and isn't allowed to talk about. The developers for the most are probably entirely removed from the decision making processes. It's those decision makers, the ones that give yea and nay to green light content and communications that deserve the ire.

Edit: When I say developer I mean folks like writers, programmers, QA people, artists, those type of folks. The decision makers are producers and project leads and marketing folks, I'm tempted to throw the mod team in here as well since they should have "some" influence on pushing for information like this to get released but for all we know they might be as ignored as we are.