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Hey now, he didn't even know what I was asking about when he told me to direct my feedback to Story and Lore. I only asked him for his email so I could write him about "story concerns." I understand the frustration, but he wasn't just brushing off this issue back to Story and Lore, he was giving me info on the official channels for story feedback.
Except he knows that no one at Bioware reads the Story and Lore boards, let alone comes here looking for story feedback. So in that regard, Natashina has a point.

Edit: No, no, Natashina, you have it all wrong. Hall Hood was sending us outside to play with rocks, while his special PvP and PvE children got their Xbox 720's and KFC bargain buckets.

Edit-edit: I missed the trolls attacking your posts. Still, you made an impression. Now beat them with the rocks Hall Hood makes you play with! D:<