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12.03.2012 , 05:55 PM | #3584
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"Go back to the Story and Lore forums" pretty much sounds like his polite version of "f*ck off! what's this 'story' sh*t? I'm drinking beer and going out on the lash!"

Well, I can be polite as well Very polite.

I work in retail. I wear fake joy like an armour. Bring it Bioware, let's settle this like reasonable adults.
That was the impression I was left with too.

**pat on the head** "Now now, you kids shouldn't make a fuss. What more do you want from me? Go back outside and play until dinner is ready."

Jeebus, that was stupid. I really do feel like we were dismissed.

I used to work in customer service as well. I'm trying to remember patience, but I think all the patience I have left is my emails to the press and towards the mods.

Edit: Whoa, easy guys! They haven't PM'd me and you'd bet your bippy I would have reported them. No, I was referring to all the trolls that were quoting my posts yesterday. I'm so sorry for the confusion.