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"Because the main reason for Force lift is it takes the mob out of the fight"

I thought it only worked on one target, not a mob?

"Force Lift is a mez"

What does 'mez' mean?

I swear, this fight is as frustrating as that one that's got my Sith fighter stuck near the end, the Sehrun lookin' guy who I just cannot get past. They really should have put easy, normal and hard into this game.

Sorry using old school MMO terms. MOB in this context means a single entity. However, there is a talent in the Balance tree that allows Force Lift to affect multiple enemies. As for 'mez' that's short for mezmerize which is the term used in Everquest and other MMORPGs. A mezmerize is a crowd control ability that breaks on damage but so long as the enemy isn't hit, they stay out of the fight for the duration of the control.

So if you use Force Lift on the strongest enemy in a group, he's not hitting you which allows you to focus your attention on the rest of the group of enemies. This ability makes many, many quests more manageable. Including making many Heroics solo-able.
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