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You can also do great CC. I'm going to use the Sage terms, but I'm sure you'll get the idea. In a Civil War match, as a Balance Sage, I went grass with 1 other person. I was the one to intercept. I used speed burst right away and used Force in Balance (an AOE) and immediately slowed ppl by bringing them into combat. I used "Force Slow" to slow down one, "force stun" to stun another, used my INSTANT "force lift" on the guy that broke his CC breaker, and then then used my knock-back. Basically, I used all my abilities to slow down 4 players that rushed grass, and my teammate that went to get grass capped with no problem. In huttball, i like to use the instant CC as someone crosses the firepit, or rush to the endzone and pull ppl up from the pit or down from the catwalk. In voidstar I pull anybody in danger to the side and bubble them and drop a couple quick heals. I can go on, but I think you get the idea. Just learn your abilities and your limitations and you will have a blast using Sorcs/Sages Plus if you know how to DoT people properly, you can easily hit anywhere between 400-600k in DPS in a full match.!
Thumbs up. I bet you died in the turret cc but your sacrifice will be remembered.