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I literally scremed "Yes, GO-TO!" when I saw this!

So, here's the thing, GO-TO can't die.

First, Plagueis, will have to find him. The Sith will think GO-TO is a human, and attempt to find his base. If he does find GO-TO's Stealthed Ship he will have no way of knowing that GO-TO is a droid. And actually, considering GO-TO only used droids on his ship, Plagueis would not be able to sense the ship through the Force.

Second, GO-TO is invisible. He has a stealth field generator that can make him disappear. Even Plaueis (I'm assuming) would not be able to sense him due to the fact that the Force does not reach GO-TO, he's a droid.

Third, GO-TO is a droid, and can therefor download himself into another body. He could hide as a mouse droid, really. Assuming the technology of the era, he could even remotely download his datafiles/ personality into another body as his doom grows near, escaping.

So the only way Plagiues will win is if
a.) He finds GO-TO's cloaked ship
b.) He discovers GO-TO isn't a human
c.) He finds GO-TO's stealthed droid body
d.) He prevents GO-TO from saving himself by download