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12.03.2012 , 05:04 PM | #3570
Sometimes I just have to sit back and laugh when thinking about this. In this day, with the way the companion romances were implemented into the game as a core part of the class stories it just boggles my mind how this wasn't part of the game day 1. Now a year later we still don't have it.

The blatant disregard they've shown the community makes me wonder why I still even care enough to post or why I even bothered to return after so many months, and I guess its because I actually do really like the game, and more than that I'm a huge Star Wars fan but it really feels like we are just chasing the end of a rainbow here. You can always see the end but you'll never reach it.

Meh, I just tried to log in and find a character I felt like playing and realized half of them are parked in cantinas waiting on SGRA's and my disgust over this whole issue makes me feel like the other half aren't worth playing. You know when you get to the character select screen and decide its better just to Quit Game its time to move on.