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12.03.2012 , 04:45 PM | #3568
I tweeted Hall Hood, in hopes of getting an email to which I could write him about my concerns.

@hallhood Hall, do you have a public email I can write to about a few concerns about future SWTOR story content? I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
His response was an understandable one:

@Slaign Hi! The best place to send story feedback is SWTOR's official forums--specifically, the "Story and Lore" category.
Naturally, I wasn't going to just leave it at that and mope back here to keep posting in vain. I had hoped for an email address because I wanted to get around the 140 character restriction, and hoped the privacy of email might allow him to be more candid with me. Still, I wanted to address him directly about our concerns, so this is what I said in a series of tweets:

@hallhood Yes, well.. Are you aware of the unrest in that forum over same gender romances? People are writing letters to the press...(cont.)

@hallhood Considering organizing in game demonstrations, and more. The silence from BioWare has become deafening...(cont.)

@hallhood This is important to many, even a quick confirmation SGRAs are still in the works would go a long way to mending a growing rift.

@hallhood I thought with your recent comments on inclusiveness, you might be a sympathetic ear. We can only howl into silence for so long.
I don't expect him to reply. Even if he wants to, I doubt he is at liberty to do so. Still, at least the fact that he responded to my original tweet within half an hour does show he reads what is tweeted to him. If nothing else, at least Mr. Hood is now aware of how we feel, if he wasn't before. Optimistically, perhaps it will motivate him to raise the issue internally.

I encourage anyone who cares about this to send off a quick, polite tweet to Mr. Hood in support of SGRAs. It may feel useless, but making our passion clear is important, and it only takes a few moments.