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"People are invited to do whatever. We can Rp on the sides. Hang out, do friendly duels, or participate in an all out war. This isn't an event that people have to be a certain thing for. This is to have fun" is a quote from suluu right on the first page kord. From my interpretation all this was from the get go was just to do some WvW on Ilum and use it like it had been in the past.

Suluu may have an ego and talk too much ( sorry buddy ) but where in this do you see him trying to boost is ego and make a name for himself???? The kid just wants to WvW and use Ilum again and has been extremely giddy (and talking me ear off) about the whole thing the entire week. We get it, your whole guild doesn't like the guy but there is no reason to act like a 13 year girl on the forums. You know how to get a hold of him in private if you want to, I suggest you do that.
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