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12.13.2011 , 01:27 PM | #1
I assume this is the correct place to post users' sites - the old forums made it a lot clearer!

Anyway, is simply a site dedicated to tanks. Our main aspiration is to become SWTOR's version of "Maintankadin", "TankTelara" and "TankSpot". We have already started creating some guides, as well as uploading ones that we have been given permission to use. Expect to see in-depth tanking videos for all the encounters once we reach level cap.

We have also started community forums which will allow fellow tanks to trade tips, discuss their favourite build or even just chat to like-minded people - we have over 80 members already, but need a couple of chatterboxes to start posting threads to encourage everyone else to do so!

We are really excited about the launch of this game and hope we can help create a great friendly tanking community.