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Who We Are
We're a competitive PVP guild, and our guild was formed by some of the most experienced, active PVP'ers on the Empire side. Our founding members are here for the long run, and do not intend on unsubbing any time in the foreseeable future.

What We Do
We PVP all day - and just when you thought we were done PVP'ing, we PVP some more. While we're completing the building of a Ranked team, we're blowing up regular WZ's. We do plan on running Ops, but only as a way to get Armoring patterns - This will not be a defining point of our guild. We do not actively RP inside the guild, but we also do not look down on RP'ers - we understand what server we have rolled on, and we will never grief you for it.

Who We're Looking For
We want level 50 PVP'ers who are able to follow directions, as well as be able to react situationally. We want players dedicated to the game who will be able to show up most nights to group for PVP. We want players that are going to have an active subscription to the game for the foreseeable future. We're not so much worried about being full augmented WH at this point in time, since we're trying to build a solid team. The use of the TS3 client is required. Voice communication is absolutely necessary for our continued supremacy. We prefer if you have a microphone to use, but being able to hear us will suffice.

How To Contact Us
You may contact one of the officers of the guild (Askar, Jevex, Malkiv, Romiel) by whisper in-game. You may also apply on our website. You can also reply to this thread or send an officer an in-game mail, but since we do require a very small interview, it would be best to get a hold of us personally in whispers.

How This Works
After we either review your application on the site, or you contact us in whispers, we will then do a gear check on you (just to see where you stand), and then we will do some trial runs with you (make sure you're available for an hour or two). After you are accepted, you will enter a temporary probationary period in which we will monitor your progression in both skill and gear (you will be in the guild running with the Prototype tag). After your temporary probationary period (a max of two weeks), you will become a full-fledged Prototype member.

Openings Available Immediately
  • Bodyguard Mercenaries
  • Darkness Assassins
  • Medicine Operatives
  • Smash Marauders
  • Smash Juggernauts
  • Lethality/MM Snipers

Not Accepting
  • Pyro/Ars Mercenaries
  • ST/AP Powertechs
  • Non-Smash Marauders
Malkiv Mayhem
Powertech Vanguard
Slinger Shadow

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